Insider's tricks and tips when selling a house

Insider's tricks and tips when selling a house

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Insider’s tricks and tips when selling a house

There are tons if insider tricks when it comes to selling a property and the downside of it all is, that many of these tricks are never told to us, but rather kept by the real estate agents. Therefore, I’ve decided to unveil a good deal of these tricks and share them with you:


Open House helps the realtor way more than it helps in selling a property:

because in real it’s a one-person show. There is never a better chance for a real pro realtor to hand out tons of business cards to the visitors. Don’t forget, you are not the only one he/she is working for.


The problem with air fresheners:

many people hate their smells and in fact can even be allergic to them. However if you make sure the kitchen smells of freshly baked cookies ( with vanilla preferably) then it will instantly make the whole home twice as much attractive.


Do not over-prepare for last-minute visitors:

for sure you will need to make sure nothing too messy is around otherwise do not stress all too much. Last minute run-ins are mostly impulsive buyers who can decide to buy a home in the heat of a moment, independently of the exact state of order there.


You will also get plenty of under-offers:

you don’t have to find them offensive, they can be your last-minute go to solutions to further bargain, if there is no one else around for a good amount of time.


Make sure it’s the agent you exactly pick who will really handle your real estate issues:

otherwise those who are very successful and often very busy in the same time may just decide to let others or their assistants to deal with your property with a much lesser success. Make sure of this info before signing a contract.


Don’t go for the agent who overprices your property:

it will only be used as part of a bait ’n switch for the agent to sell cheaper properties with a bigger success.


Don’t agree on showing off a fully empty house:

rather do a staging because furniture actually makes a room way larger. Empty rooms are empty and always look smaller than they would do if they have furniture in them.


Leave all counters clean and clear:

clean countertops are keys to success! They have the suggestion of having tons of free space which can be used for anything.


Pay attention to Fair Housing laws:

this is a US law which actually forbids real estate agents to give out information on local crime rates or the ethnic background of a specific area. Customers often have to check this information by themselves.


One can always negotiate on all the prices, including the agent’s commission:

don’t be shy to do that, actually there are no laws against any such negotiation.


Overboard staging can hurt the chances of a property:

always watch out for withheld quality and not outrageous or too fancy decorations.

We hope that this list will help you learn more about the real estate business and some of its tricks.