Tricks and tips to finding the best realtor for you

Tricks and tips to finding the best realtor for you

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Tricks and tips to finding the best realtor for you

Property market is a constantly changing one and therefore it means that you ought to turn to a real estate agent to help you with either selling or buying your home. But, of course it’s never easy to find the perfect realtor for your needs and for your personality either. This time around, I would like to show you a few tricks and tips on how to get the perfect agent for you based on experience. Of course, this is only one part of the full picture, but business wise it’s a very important one. So, let’s get on the list:


Ask for references and don’t be shy to contact them

Asking never hurts and if you ask for references then there is literally no real estate agent who could refuse this from you. ( if they do, that’s a clear-as-sky sign to look for another realtor). So, get a list of 3-4 names and contact information and try to get in touch with them and ask them to tell you about their own experience with the realtor.

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Is the agent really licensed?

Check out about the agent and the agency’s license and see if it’s intact and valid. This may not serve with much of an experience but it’s always good to know if an agency is really a valid one or if it’s just a hoax that pitches tent and leaves once the heat is on. With this, you can also help prevent frauds that can damage the bank accounts of more people.


Agent with the proper education

In most countries one needs to have certificates in order to become a real, certified real estate agent. It’s always comforting to work with one who has one of either certifications: CRS (Certified Residential Specialist), ABR (Accredited Buyers’ Representative) and SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) in case you look for specialized homes for pensioners or you are one yourself.

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Look around who is the winner

There are larger agencies which credit their own workers with the „ Agent of the month” or similar labels for their experience and hard work. You may want to work with such person because you know that he/she will work hard to help you in either buying or selling the best property)


Check out the other listings of your agent

This can help a lot for you to determine how well the tactics a realtor use work or don’t work. If you see many of their properties are standing there for a very long time and they look fairly good and are offered for a good price then consider getting someone else who is selling with a higher success rate.

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Ask your agent about other properties in the area

You are either looking for or sell a property Because this help in determining if your agent really knows the area, the pros and cons of each street and the properties over there. No matter you sell or buy, you want a realtor who have a real-life experience in the key-area or areas from your point of view.