Red flags to watch out for when picking a realtor

Red flags to watch out for when picking a realtor

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Red flags to watch out for when picking a realtor

There are tons of great and ethical real estate agents but as this is a hard business where actually there is tons of money at stake at times there will always be some who will try and turn to unethical or even straight up illegal methods just to earn a good commission. That’s why we thought to collect a couple of red flags for you so that when it comes to choosing a realtor you are aware of this and when you see any of these flags coming up, you know it’s time to switch to someone else.

1.) The agent is not familiar at the area of your interest

This is the number one red flag. If an agent doesn’t know the area, the market prices the good and bad investment possibilities in the area where you are looking for a home, then it’s not likely that he/she will make a good deal for you. Look for someone who is experienced in the exact area and type of real estate you are looking for.

2.) The real estate agent only works in part-time

Part time agents do not have the time and full-on focus on doing this job, most of the time. They are not aware of market changes and forecasts either. If you are selling or buying a real estate you really need someone who watches the properties constantly and alerts you as soon as something interesting or an offer comes in. So, part-time is not a good solution.

3.) The agent is unreliable

If the realtor you are dealing with shows signs of being uninterested or they are otherwise sleazy or lazy then switch on to someone else as fast as possible.

4.) If they charge a lower commission

This may seem like a good catch but the agents who advertise themselves as someone who work for a lower commission rate also mean that they either want you to buy the more expensive properties for this reason. Do not base your assumptions of someone being better just because they work for less money.

5.) If they are clearly too busy

It’s a good thing is a real estate agent is always on the go: when it comes to dealing with your property. But when you see your agent has to constantly deal with other businesses (seemingly more important than yours) then don’t waste any more time to wait for your turn. Rather look for someone who can clearly focus on your own listing or search.

6.) If an agent doesn’t negotiate in your favor

If you feel that an agent is visibly siding with the other party: let it be the buyer or the seller, then look for another agent in that very moment. They will not help you for reasons you may not want to learn more about. You need an agent who helps you and who is constantly representing your business interest.

I hope that this list of red flags will help you find the most suitable realtor for you.