New ways of advertising in the real estate business

New ways of advertising in the real estate business

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New ways of advertising in the real estate business

With the arrival of internet and with the actual time we tend to spend online every day, it’s all natural that when it comes to quick home sale the business strategies have also changed as a result. In this article I would like to represent you with some of the new methods real estates are or can be marketed with success.

1.) Using social media as a platform

Social media sites are visited by billions on a daily level. Pages like Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram or Twitter can all serve as potential business makers no matter you want to advertise on your own or if you are working with a realtor who can work this strategy. Mind you, social media needs different sort of advertising strategies than real estate websites. If you want someone who does have the experience in social media marketing, then check specifically for such realtor in your area.

2.) Delay MLS

MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. This comprises of property databases which are often used as the first stage when someone lists a property. However if you work with a good and experienced realtor who knows the business and has contacts, then let him/her first test the market and show the property around for potential buyers off the MLS. Property websites and databases can often result in your listing simply getting lost among the tons of other listings.

3.) Enhancing the multi-use options of a property

Maybe your property is not successful when marketed as a simple apartment. But if it has good attributed for that it can be marketed as a potential arts studio, an office property or even as a embassy property too. This is especially true for those apartments which are too big and therefore too expensive to buy. But those who want to buy it for office use may find it perfect for themselves for the long haul, the same goes for rentals.

4.) Video advertising

Using professional videos instead of photo advertising is a method which is getting more and more popular. The reason for that is, that a one minute video can show much more of a property than 10 photos would. Plus it brings you closer to the actual feel of the property. If it’s paired with a good voice representation, video advertising really works wonders for a property.

5.) Make open-house to a big party

This is just coming in, but it has tons of potential from a business point of view, especially when it comes to houses or overall larger properties. Realtors can put a theme to the party, even count an entrance cost (which can also make up for the cleaning and further party costs and it can even earn you and the realtor some extra income).

6.) Stage with real quality

High end staging can really pay off and it does literally wonders with a home. As an extra, it helps you to see your own home in an entirely different light.

We hope these ideas help you or your realtor to reinvent fast home sale strategies.